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"Reasons Why I Love You..." Scrapbook

This is an 8"x8" scrapbook with various reasons why someone is loved. This was created as a Valentine's Day Gift but a book like this can be given to anyone for any kind of event - birthday, 'just because,' etc. and can be for spouses, siblings, children, anyone you'd like to give this to.

Newborn Baby Girl Scrapbook

This 8"x8" scrapbook was created for my third niece. Since she would be the third child, I felt that it would be a nice gift to give her parents so they made sure they had a certain number of photos of her each month. I can imagine how busy they'll be with three kids. In this scrapbook, there is a cover page, a two-page layout for the day she was born (with room for her details), 12 - two-page layouts (2 pages per month) and an end page (last page). All the pages have been scrapbooked. The parents just need to make sure they take the certain number of pages per month and put them in the book. 

Personal Scrapbook

I created this 12"x12" scrapbook for my then boyfriend (he's now my husband).

Previous Projects

These are a few cards and scrapbook projects we have already finished. They are not for sale, although you can request something similar to any of these projects. 

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